Who are we?

Surin (meaning powerful, the name of Iranian general) is an export consortium consisting of several Iranian factories and manufacturers. It has 5 active offices in cities in Iran and some countries worldwide. Some Surin consortium companies have more than 40 years of production and trading experience. Mohammad Yusefi Aramesh, Managing Director of Surin has appreciated as exemplary Entrepreneur In Iran.

Iran is one of the countries with potential for export and production. Statistics report exports of $ 30 billion to $ 50 billion. Unfortunately, one of the most significant weaknesses in Iran is the neglect of online marketing and the introduction of high-quality products; Therefore, some reputable brands, with the support of Surin Export, created Surin Export to help develop Iran's exports purposefully.

Why should you trust us?

We are committed to long-term cooperation and providing high-quality products of our country; ; you buy your product directly from us. Buyers or agents can be present in Iran when loading and monitoring all stages. We also welcome inspection companies like SGS, and you can make the payment after their approval. Surin Export is committed to a safe and memorable purchase experience for you. Therefore, we will undertake the complete process of transportation, clearance, insurance, and customs affairs of your purchase in Iran and transport it to the customs and port of destination. Surin Consortium is committed to establishing a long-term and continuous relationship with you.

What products do we export?

Surin Export has 24 hundred hectares of fruit trees in different seasons of Iran. Oranges, kiwis, apples, watermelons, dates, pistachios, potatoes, tomatoes, various summer vegetables, saffron, dried fruits and raisins are among the most important agricultural products of Surin Export which produce or supply. The Surin Consortium is also one of the largest mushrooms and mushroom compost producers in the Middle East.. Surin is generally active in the agricultural, fruit, and food industries.

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Our Team

our company's members

محمد یوسفی آرامش

Mohammad Yusefi Aramesh

Managing Director
amir ata masroor

Amir Ata Masrour

Export consultant
نیلوفر مکاری

Niloofar Mokari

Export Specialist

Iman Mokhtari

Import manager
موژان راستی

Mozhan Rasti

Agent in Germany | Schweizer - Co

Danial Shahbazi

export manager in Turkey
SEO manager

Ghazal Amidi

SEO manager
nayere eslami

Nayereh Eslami

Export Manager in India
حسین ماه‌پسند

Hossein Mahpasand

Logistics expert