Best garlic exporter in Iran

Best garlic exporter in Iran/ Best Supplier of Iranian Garlic

Iran is known for its rich agricultural products, and one of its most popular exports is garlic. Iranian garlic has gained popularity in the international market due to its high quality and unique flavor. In recent years, Iran has emerged as a leading garlic exporter, with a significant share of the global market. We at Surin Export are here with our experience and expertise in the field of fruit and vegetable exports and imports, to make the process of exporting easier for you as a garlic supplier in Iran. This article will explore the Iranian garlic industry, its production, exports, challenges, and prospects.

How is the Iranian garlic industry?

In general, there are 11 types of garlic in the world, three of which are produced and exported in Iran. Nearly 62% of the garlic produced in Iran is cultivated in the Hamedan province, which means the potential of this province for exports is very significant. Countries like Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Indonesia in East Asia are three demand markets for Iranian garlic exports. Statistics have shown that Indonesia has the highest demand for purchasing from Garlic Suppliers in Iran.

Furthermore, Turkmenistan is also a prominent export destination for high-quality Iranian garlic. A large volume of garlic produced in Iran is considered for export. In addition to the countries mentioned, Iran’s export trend also includes exports to Russia, Turkey, Kuwait, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan.

Steps to export garlic

The most important stages for exporting garlic are summarized as follows:

Registering the request for export of goodsThe first step for you as a garlic exporter in Iran is to register the sales and export request. To register an export request or negotiate with a customer, you must have a business card and have obtained export permits for the export of fresh and dried garlic.

Collaborating with a reputable company: You can export through an export and import trading company such as Surin Export, or even start your own export business with our professional consultancy.

Finding foreign customersFinding customers is a very important step in exporting garlic. Try to find customers outside the country. It is important to identify your competitors in that country. Pricing for exporting garlic to the country is important.

Packaging and transportation of the product: This is the final stage for trading and exporting garlic. It is important to properly package and label the product before sending it. Using the services of a transportation company or a fresh and dried garlic packaging company for export will be very useful.

Points to know as a garlic exporter in Iran

As an Iranian garlic producer, there are some points you should know that will expedite your export process. Below are a few of them mentioned.

Specify the contract

A comprehensive and complete contract should include the following:

  • Product details
  • Quantity (number of boxes, dimensions, etc.)
  • Value
  • Price agreements
  • Delivery date or period
  • Payment terms
  • Delivery terms
  • Insurance
  • Dispute resolution method
  • Governing laws

Get insurance for your Iranian garlic

Export insurance helps you reduce the financial risks in international trade. Exporting and transporting fresh goods can have high risks, so using insurance is a sensible job to do.

Review your export documents again.

Familiarize yourself with customs procedures in other continents and always check the required export documents for customs clearance. A small mistake in the documents can lead to serious delays. Find a reliable and well-known intermediary exporter like Surin Export. Products like garlic, are commonly subject to seasonal taxes, and a quota and additional tariff rates are considered for them.

Use high-quality packaging to protect your products.

The packaging should be strong enough to protect your product during storage, transportation, and distribution, and prevent microbial-moisture contamination.

  • Use sturdy cardboard boxes for storing fruits and vegetables to meet the acceptable packaging standards for buyers.
  • Your packaging should not contain any harmful additives that can affect human health, as these substances can enter the food and alter its taste and odor.
  • Modern packaging with antimicrobial, moisture control, and ethylene control properties can be used for exporting fresh fruits and vegetables to Europe.
  • Make sure each box has a label and is traceable.

And last but not least, try to differentiate your packaging with an attractive design. These points might seem simple, but they can make a big difference for you. If you want to hit two birds with one stone and be the best garlic exporter in Iran, following these points will be efficient for you.

Future Outlook for Iranian Garlic Export

Iran has a long history of garlic cultivation, and it has been one of the leading producers of garlic in the world. The country’s favorable climate and fertile soil have made it an ideal location for garlic cultivation, leading to a significant surplus of garlic production.

Despite its potential, Iran faces several challenges in exporting garlic to international markets. One of the major obstacles is the lack of proper infrastructure and logistics for a garlic supplier in Iran. The transportation and storage facilities need to be improved to ensure the quality and freshness of the garlic during the export process. Additionally, compliance with international quality and safety standards is essential for Iran to gain the trust of the global market and meet the import regulations of different countries.

The prospects of garlic supply in Iran is promising, given the country’s abundant production and the growing demand for high-quality product in the global market. With the right strategic investments in infrastructure, logistics, and marketing, Iran has the potential to become a major player in the international garlic trade.


In conclusion, the Iranian garlic industry has made significant strides in the global market, with high-quality products and a strong export presence. While facing challenges such as trade restrictions and competition, the industry has the potential for further growth and success. With continued government support and adaptation to changing market conditions, Iranian garlic producers are well-positioned to maintain their position as key players in the global garlic trade.

Besides, Surin Export Trading Group helps all garlic suppliers in Iran to sell their products in global markets, relying on its knowledge and experience. You can visit our website to learn more about other activities of Surin Export Company. You can also contact us to benefit from our specialized consulting services for starting the export of garlic from Iran to other countries.

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