How to trade with Iran? – Is Iran Safe?

how business with iran

Iran is a developing country in West Asia known as the Middle East Paradise. Due to its diverse and pleasant climate and access to energy resources, Iran has always been one of the most important countries in the world. Sea and land access and high export and import potential have raised the question for many traders how to trade with Iran? There are some interesting things about the culture of trade with Iran that you may find interesting to read. We as a Fruit Exporter in Iran, introduce you Iran’s culture.

Trading with Iran Sanctions

The people of Iran are Temperamental and hospitable. The experience of traveling to Iran will undoubtedly be one of the most amazing experiences of your business trip, Iranians have a lot of respect for foreign guests and treat them with kindness. The principle of business in Iran is based on trust and respect, so do not be surprised if you come across a business in Iran that is not as concerned about the contract as you. Because the beliefs of the Iranian people are based on trust and honesty.

Laws of Business Iran

Email marketing is not very common in Iran and mainly business is done through WhatsApp and phone calls. Therefore, do not be hopeful about email marketing to Iranian companies. Contrary to what the media is trying to report, Iran is a modern country with up-to-date people; And there are large commercial buildings and markets, beautiful amusement parks and libraries, as well as tall towers such as the Milad Tower, the World Trade Tower, the Middle East Swan Diamond Tower, the International Tower, the Negar Tower, the Sepehr Tower and the Sky Tower. Famous and big hotels such as Spinas Palace Hotel, Parsian Enghelab Hotel, Esteghlal Hotel and Ramis Hotel are some of the big hotels in Iran. Tehran and Mashhad also have metro lines.

Important Busines Tips about Iran

Iran business how to business with iran?

Milad Tower – Tehran

Contrary to what the international media shows due to its hostility to the government, Iran is a safe country for travel and trade. Due to various economic sanctions, international bank payments such as LC sometimes face challenges; Therefore, mainly commercial transactions to this country during the sanctions are done through exchanges. Annually billions of dollars are transferred through Iranian exchanges and exchanges in neighboring countries. Due to the economic situation in Iran, many Iranian businessmen are interested in establishing a stable and long-term relationship and exporting quality products.

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is iran dangerous?

Azadi Tower of Tehran

Economic fluctuations and cheap labor have always made Iran a country with great potential for exports. Iranians are very proud of the 2,500-year-old culture and civilization of their former empires. They are proud that for the first time in the world, their king Cyrus has introduced the International Charter of Human Rights and Humanitarianism in the world. Always respect the elders in the meetings, because Iranians believe in respecting the elderly. The Iranian people also criticize the government’s policies and consider the governing policy of this country apart from the nature of their economy and efforts. There are good and bad traders in every country and Iran is no exception.

Srin Export  Consortium considers itself the mirror and gateway of trade with Iran. We believe that our actions in business are directly related to our country’s brand, so all our managers and shareholders are committed to providing the highest quality products to different parts of the world. You and your managers are invited to Iran and directly monitor the quality of the products when loading. We also welcome the presence of product inspection companies such as SGS in the loading process.

is Iran safe?

Is Iran a Safe country?

Export and import from Iran

Exporting to Iran and importing from Iran has always been one of the important concerns of various companies in the world. In 1399, Iran traded with more than 143 countries. Iran’s exports to other countries in 1399 have exceeded $ 34 billion. Iran’s imports from more than 123 countries this year amounted to 38 billion dollars. These statistics were at the time of the severe US sanctions against Iran. Iran recorded $ 50 billion in exports in the first eight months of 2014. Due to the geographical location of Iran and its fertile resources, Iran has always been one of the trade hubs in the world. If you are interested in importing from Iran, you can contact the experts of Surin Export. Surin also is active as an Exporter of Apple in Iran.

Iran sanctions effect on business

Centeral Bank of Iran

Banking sanctions on Iran

Iran has been under sanctions for years due to political differences with the United States; And in some years, due to the nuclear agreement, it has been possible to trade freely with different countries of the world. Iran is a peaceful country, and most of its problems with the US government are rooted in the thoughts of its officials, not the main will of the Iranian people.

Important cities and populations

Iran is the second largest country in the Middle East with 1,648,000 square kilometers. It has access to the Caspian Sea from the north and the Persian Gulf and international waters from the south. Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan are the east and northeast neighbors, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia are the west and northwest neighbors of Iran. The population of this Persian-speaking country has exceeded 80 million people. Important and strategic cities of Iran include Tehran, Bandar Abbas, Tabriz, Isfahan and Mashhad.

The best ways to trade with Iran

To experience safe trade with Iran, you can try the following methods:

The following methods are applicable for importing from Iran.

– Presence in Iran and review of product quality

– Use of products inspection companies to confirm the product

– If importing from Iran is necessary, you can ask the shipping companies to change the origin of the bill of lading and the payments will be paid to a third country through an exchangs.

– Note that you can also receive the products from a third country as a re-export, which will increase your costs by about 10 to 20%.

important tips for business with itan

– Also, once a year, with successful negotiations between Iran and the United States, it is possible to secure payment through LC; But in general, if you intend to trade with Iran during the sanction, do not worry, because with the presence of a agent you can solve the problem of payment through an exchanges and change the origin of the bill of lading if your country is sensitive. thousands of people a year to This way they trade with Iran.

Note that most of the propaganda you see against Iran is not real. Iran is a safe and secure country like many nations in the world. Billions of dollars are traded annually with more than 150 countries in Iran. Much of the negative publicity in the world is due to the beliefs of the Iranian government, which is very different from the real beliefs of the Iranian people and businessmen.

– Iran has access to air, sea and land for trade.

– Due to the complex and variable laws of Iran, try to avoid receiving EXW goods. Generally, ask your seller to take responsibility for clearance, business card and customs affairs in Iran. Surin Export Consortium is committed to all customs matters of export from Iran to you. Also take a look to our watermelons, we are watermelon supplier in Iran.

Products of Iran

Iran is the center of fruit exports in the region. Due to the climatic conditions of neighboring countries, Iran exports fruit to more than 20 countries up to 4,000 kilometers away. Iran is also a hub for the production of chemical and plastic products, such as polyethylene, polymer pipes, bitumen, ammonia and urea fertilizer are important Iranian exports. Construction products such as stone, ceramics and tiles are other important exports of this country. Saffron, raisins, nuts, dairy and food are other important export industries of Iran.

relationship of Iran with the United States and Europe

The government of this country, which is called the Islamic Republic, has had problems with the US government from the beginning and this thinking continues after many years, but the view of the people of this country is different from the view of the government and the Iranian people have a very good relationship with the Americans. More than 5 million Iranians live outside Iran, and it is estimated that nearly one million of them are in the United States. If you have traveled to Israel several times as a businessman, we recommend that you refrain from traveling to Iran, as Iran-Israel relations are completely severed. Iran’s diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia have also been strained in recent years. In general, the relationship of this country with other countries of the world is normal.

Iran Safety

Final word

Experience trading with Iran can be interesting and safe if you follow the professional principles of trade and the steps of recognition and trust. There are good and bad traders like all countries in Iran, so try to sweeten your business experience with Iran by traveling, creating documentary credits, products inspection companies, presence in product loading and visiting the factory and sorting of destination.