Surin Export  is an export consortium that has been established by several large companies in Iran with the aim of developing fruit and food exports and providing logistics and clearance services to foreign traders. This consortium undertakes all supply and export services from Iran. Subsidiaries of this consortium have more than 20 years of experience in the field of export, international transportation and customs clearance.

In the first 4 months of 2022, despite sanctions, Iran has more than $ 60 billion export with more than 130 countries. Iran is one of the top countries in the field of exports of petroleum products, raw materials, chemicals, fruits and food. More than 40 countries buy fruits, dried fruits and foodstuffs directly from Iran. Sanctions are not a barrier to exports or imports with Iran; many European countries trade with Iran by changing the bill of origin. The most important issues are bank payments, which the Iran Export 24 consortium has made possible for cash payments, paid after approval by commodity inspection companies through an exchange office.

Contrary to the efforts of most foreign media to tarnish Iran’s image, the original thinking of the Iranian people is significantly different from that of the government. Iran is one of the leading and developing countries in the Middle East. To be one of the original export countries in the region. Iran includes investors, educated people, large companies and all kinds of towers and large buildings, and the experience of your trip to Iran will be one of your best tourist or business trips. More than 100 billion dollars is result in export and import trade experience with more than 130 countries. Experience of cooperation with Iran will not be a problem for you and this country is one of the suitable countries for importing all kinds of consumer and raw material to your country due to high inflation, low production costs and strategic geographical points for sea and land transportation.

 Iranian government strict the citizens of Israel and has no diplomatic relations with that country. It is also difficult for American citizens to travel to the United States due to the lack of direct diplomatic relations. Apart from these two countries, Iran has active diplomatic relations with other countries in the world. If you have experienced numerous trips to Israel, it is recommended that you travel to Iran more strictly.

We are committed to a safe and successful business experience with you. You are invited to be present in Iran and monitor products loading, according to your need for purchase, and to directly monitor the process of your import from Iran. We also welcome the presence of product inspection companies for the authenticity and quality of the products when loading. Our brand and our country are our priority and we promise you; after a few experiences of importing from Surin Export, you will cooperate with us with peace of mind for many years.

Export of fruits and food, market research for exports to Iran, clearance of products in important Iranian customs and international transportation. 

The most important business partners of us are, Great Taazeh Chin sorting, great zam zam sorting, sorting of Kerman date company, shining star of the Silk Road, sorting and trading of Mash Chin, Pouyan Mehr Arvin Trading and Production Group, Janet and Caspian brands, Surin Tejarat Amiran Saman Iranian Trading Group, trading group of Zalghi and Trading Trust Net.

Surin Export has active trade offices in India, China, Germany, Turkey. We seek to develop relationships with different countries of the world as well as trade cooperation with big business in different countries.