Onion Exports from Iran

Onion Exports from Iran/Iranian Onion Exporter Company

Iran is one of the world’s largest onion suppliers and plays a significant role in the global market. One of the onion exporter companies in Iran is Surin Export, which, despite years of experience and a specialized focus on fruit and vegetable exports, has managed to become a key player in the export of the aforementioned product. This article introduces and examines the export of Iranian onions to global markets and discusses the role of Iranian onion producers and exporters in this industry.

Onion Production in Iran

Iran is one of the largest onion-producing countries in the world. Due to the diverse climatic and soil conditions in this country, Iranian onion production has been very extensive and provinces such as Khuzestan, Fars, Kerman, East Azerbaijan, and Zanjan are the main Onion Suppliers in Iran. In terms of onion production, Iran has been able to achieve self-sufficiency in meeting domestic needs and even exporting some of its production. However, despite these successes, there are still problems such as price fluctuations, unstable quality of products, and issues related to securing the necessary water for onion cultivation, which require solutions such as;

  • Optimizing water use
  • Using modern agricultural technologies
  • Improving the technical knowledge of farmers

These changes can help increase the productivity and quality of Iranian onion production and improve the export of this product.

Target markets for Onion Exporter Iran

In 2022, Iran produced about 27.2 million tons of onions, making it one of the largest onion producers in the world. From March to October 2023, the Export Department of Iran’s Agriculture Ministry reported that 246,000 tons of onions valued at $34 million were exported from the country. Iran mainly exports its onions to countries such as Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Russia, Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Armenia. Additionally, Iran also exports its onions to European countries such as Ukraine, and Germany and Asian countries like India and Pakistan. The export of onions to Iraq is very important, as Iraq is one of the largest destination markets for Iranian onions. Furthermore, due to the huge volume of Iranian onion producers, Iran is continuously seeking to expand into new markets and increase exports to other countries.

Export regulations and licenses for onions

Regarding to the high international demand for onions, the laws and regulations for exporting this product are also very important. The laws for exporting onions from Iran to other countries are regulated based on international trade laws as well as domestic laws related to the export of agricultural products.

These laws include:

  • Quality standards
  • Product Diversity
  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Export documents

Besides, in order to export onions to other countries, necessary permits must be obtained from relevant organizations and ministries. Permits and licenses like:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Bill of lading,
  • Certificate of origin and other licenses
  • Phytosanitary certificate

On the other hand, to enter different global markets, the onion supplier in Iran must be familiar with the specific conditions and requirements of each country and adhere to them for a successful export. In general, the laws for exporting onions from Iran to other countries are vital, and compliance with them can help to enhance Iran’s foreign trade in this area.

Challenges and Barriers for an Onion Exporter in Iran

Exporting onions from Iran faces challenges and barriers that can impact the export process. One of the important issues that an Iranian onion producer might see in the way is Inflation and price fluctuations. In the first quarter of the Iranian year, the price of onion rose up to 43.9% in the local market. In an attempt to balance the market and control the prices, Iran’s Ministry of Agriculture increased the export duties for onion to 100%.

Iranian onions are usually of high quality due to suitable weather conditions and traditional farming methods. However, problems such as improper storage, inadequate packaging, and transportation issues may lead to a decrease in onion quality.

In addition, regulations in target markets can also be a significant barrier to exporting onions from Iran. Health, financial, customs, and other regulations in target markets may differ from the regulations in Iran, and this can be a barrier to export. Therefore, for success in exporting onions from Iran, it is necessary for an onion supplier in Iran to be familiar with the regulations in target markets and to adjust the products in a way that is compatible with these regulations.


The onion export industry in Iran has a lot of potential for growth and development in the global markets. With the diverse and high-quality production of onions in Iran and the important role of producers and exporters, this industry has the potential to become a highly profitable sector for the country. However, to achieve this goal, it is necessary to identify and address the challenges and obstacles with appropriate solutions. Ultimately, the development of onion exports in Iran requires cooperation and coordination between producers, exporters, and government authorities to help improve and grow this industry and create more income and employment opportunities. Surin Export is one of the reputable companies as an Onion Exporter from Iran to international markets. The company is active in the production and export of agricultural products, with onions being one of its main exports.

 Surin Export strives to export Iranian onions to foreign markets with high quality and international standards while maintaining its competitive advantage. Additionally, Surin Export has a team of experienced and specialized professionals in agriculture and exports to foreign markets, which has helped the company establish itself as a leading Onion Supplier in Iran and identify new markets. To schedule a consultation and obtain more information about onion exports to foreign countries, please contact our consultants.

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