Laws and values of Iran Export 24

2.1. Iran Export 24 with the purpose of securing and developing exports, knowing the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, international laws, commitment to the laws of the World Trade Organization, international rules and customs, Provides the following services:

  • Export and supply of products
  • Customs clearance and international transportation
  • Training, export consulting and international market research, for foreigncompanies

Article 2 – Values:

Iran Export 24 is committed to providing professional services in the field of supply. This organization seeks long-term relationships with major companies in the world, we provide the highest quality Iranian export products. Iran Export 24 is committed to providing professional services of export, customs clearance and international transportation. For a long time, the experience of the business partners of this organization provides all professional services such as export and supply.

We, as an Iranian business partner, seek to provide you with professional services on an ongoing basis.

Article 3: Intellectual and moral property

All information, articles, logos and content uploaded on the site of Iran Export 24, are exclusively for this consortium and the company of "Surin Tejarat Amiran Saman Iranian" and any copy of it without written permission from the publisher or the publication of data and specialized content of this platform is all right reserved

3.4. Specific descriptions of services and products for Persian language of Iran Export 24 website are clearly specified in each product. Please read the contents carefully before buying the products. We are with you to have a safe experience in the field of international trade.

Article 4: Keep information confidential

4.1. All information of users, customers of Iran Export 24 and any input data by them in this trading platform, is protected by us and we are committed to taking care of your business information.

4.4. Receive any email, notification and link directly from the dedicated address of

Article 5: Respect for nations

Iran Export 24 professionally considers itself obliged to respect all religions, races and nationalities. We believe in professional international trade and respect for human rights. In compliance with human rights rules and regulations, Iran Export 24 is committed to establishing long-term relationships with all of its trading partners from Asia to Africa and ... . Any comments that contain insults and political issues will be taken seriously by Iran Export24.

Article 7: Registration and sending of orders

7.1. If the user transaction is unsuccessful and money is deducted from the user's account, the amount deducted will be automatically refunded by the relevant bank within 72 hours.

7.2. We are committed to providing quality services and meeting our customers' requests on time.

7.5. If the user makes a mistake in payment, such as adding a product to the cart more than once, he must request a refund of the extra money to Iran Export24. The amount will be refunded to the same account up to 72 hours after the user notifies us.

Article 8: Communications

8.2. Only contact information that the user registers on the site and the contract, such as contact number, email, etc. is valid from the point of view of Iran Export 24. Iran Export 24 handles all correspondence through this information.

8.4. The user can communicate with our experts through the ways written on the "Contact Us" page on the site.

Article 11: Force Majeure

Force majeure refers to events that have an external origin and occurred without anticipation; Such as global internet interruption, cyber attacks or website hacking. In case of force majeure, Iran Export 24 will not have any responsibility, including making the site inaccessible. Also, in some cases, the site may face problems such as inaccessibility or slowness, in which case we try to solve the problem and provide professional services.

Article 12: sales agency.

Any international trade with foreign offices and agencies of Iran Export 24 must be in coordination and direct supervision of Iranian offices, otherwise Iran Export 24 will not be responsible for defects and losses. Any international activity with the Iran Export 24 logo is invalid and will be pursued without obtaining a license from Surin Tejarat Company.