Vehicle transportation and transit from UAE to Russia and Kazakhstan

(combined shipment through Iran)

Surin Export group is a commercial Group which works in Export of Fruit and Iranian meals, also one of this company, works as customs broker and transit company in Iran, we do Transit process and clearance process in northen and southen Customs of Iran. we are premier as Fruit Supplier in Iran

(Surin Export Group is the best car and container service provider team).

One of the most requested services to our collection from Kazakhstan and Russia is transporting light and heavy vehicles. (Through combined shipment from UAE-Bandar Abbas, Iran, to Amirabad Port and Astrakhan Port, Russia).


Transit Company Iran

Our collection provides all clearance services and evacuation operations in Bandar Abbas and Bandar-e Lengeh at the fastest possible time and a reasonable price compared to other competitors.
We are the supplier of Russian ships in the Caspian Sea and Amirabad and Anzali ports, which differentiates us from other forwarding and shipping companies and increases the speed of our operations in RORO and General cargo ships. We are premier as Customs Broker in Iran.





The duration of the car delivery to Russia and Kazakhstan: The time of car transportation and delivery from the buyer companies in UAE and customs process in Iran and Russia and land and sea transportation from Iran to Russia and delivery in Astrakhan port of Russia and clearance for 35 working days should be allocated. But at Iran’s exit border, i.e. northern ports (Amirabad port), we tried to speed up the sea time to Astrakhan port with excellent conditions (shipping).

And your cargo will be insured at the border of Iran’s exit i.e., Bandar Amirabad so that the cars can be safely loaded onto the ship and reach their destination. These are important things you need to know about us as Transit company in Iran.

VEHICLE Transit Iran - car transit company Iran

Customs Broker company Iran

Surin Export’s logistics team does lashing of all the machines on the ship and General Cargo and RORO ships.
We are one of the selected forwarder companies in Logistics – Transportation services for Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan through Combined shipment, and this can be our best feature: Correct management and supervision in land and sea lines and safety, speeding up and supplying ships to Cis countries, sending a wide range of cars and containers of car spare parts and other equipment from UAE ports to Surin Export Group.

We are the best:

Because we provide affordable shipping to Russia and Kazakhstan in comparison with, other companies, with minimal time and most importantly, the best rates for Russian and Iranian ships.
Highly professional logistics and land and sea transportation specialists in the Emirates (Dubai) – Bandar Abbas – Bandar Amirabad in Iran, Astrakhan in Russia and Aktau in Kazakhstan are ready to be your provider with the best quality.

customs broker in iran

Sea Shipment:

3 times a week, we carry out the sea route from Emirate ports to Bandar Lange and Bandar Abbas in Iran to transport cars with landing craft vessels.

Sea Shipment in the Caspian Sea: Since the Sea Shipment in the Caspian Sea is different and to provide the ship, we can load 330 cars from Russian and Iranian ships per week from the Iranian port of Amirabad to the Russian port of Astrakhan. (Salyanka, Makhachkala and Olya)
Trading with several international transit shipments at the same time, from the expertise and professional communication and expanding the market for our collection.
The only northern port of Iran that has a large area in terms of car logistics unloading and is safer and easy to move cargo is Amirabad. Excellent logistic support by professional specialists, including a car warehouse terminal and faster access to the wharf for loading, is one of the achievements of this company in Amirabad port.
We can transport your cargo of special vehicles, class A, special and heavy vehicles with a professional team and logistics experts with knowledge of logistics freight and existing challenges.
If the cars are loaded on 20-foot and 40-foot containers, the prices are estimated privately.
We transport not only passenger cars but also heavy trucks or large vehicles. Because; we can transfer any large and heavy transportation needs from UAE ports to Iran ports and Iran’s northern ports in the Caspian Sea by sea transportation to Russia and Kazakhstan.
Huge combine, stone crusher, motor tools and equipment, Land Cruiser cars and elevator are among the shipments that were sent.

Transit from Iran

Container shipping from India to Russia: In shipping, 20foot, 40foot and 45foot containers for heavy equipment are one of the safest and most common ways for international shipping to Russia.
And this transit route has also provided an opportunity for India to have the Nhava Sheva port, which is the second container port of this country, new and good conditions for transporting containers to Russia.
Since it will expand India’s container capacity and influence transit container cargoes from the sea route to Russia through the Caspian Sea, and in fact, reaching the ports of Astrakhan, Salyanka, Makhachkala and Port Olya of Russia will be done easily through Iran’s Amirabad port, and in a way, it has made it possible to change the route of a part of Caucasus traffic by sea to connect the port of Amir Abad on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea with the port of Astrakhan in Russia.
In the southern ports of Iran, we carry out and clear the documents related to the goods and containers as soon as possible and deploy them to Amirabad port with container carriers and transit vehicles and carry out loading programs on Russian ships.
Surin Export Group in Amirabad port of Iran will use RoRo and General Cargo ships for car loading and out-of-turn and in the fastest possible time at the port.

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