apple exporter in turkey

apple exporter in turkey

Turkey is one of the countries known for its production and export of fruits, particularly apples. Surin Trading Group is specialized in exports apples from Iran and Turkey to the whole world. In this article, we will examine the apple suppliers in Turkey, provide information about Surin-Export as an intermediary for apple export and the fruit industry in this country.

The apples produced in Turkey distinguish themselves from other countries due to the favorable climate and fertile soil, which give them a unique flavor and aroma. These fruits are consumed domestically and also produced for export to other countries. In 2022, Turkey's share of apple exports in the global market was 2.55%, ranking it ninth in the world.

During 2022/2023 total apple production is forecasted at a record of 4.77 million metric tons. apple production has steadily climbed higher for the last half dozen years as farmers have planted more higher-yielding apple trees and adopted modern growing techniques.

Starking (a cousin of the Red apple) is the most popular variety, making up about 38 percent of total production or about 1.7 MMT. The production of the two most popular apple varieties, Starking and Golden, have shown notable increases over the last decade even though the planted area for these varieties has declined. The main reason behind this trend is more farmers are using better production practices to optimize yields.

In addition to the top apple varieties, the production of other apple varieties over the last five years, especially red and sweet apple varieties, has grown by 30 percent. These other increasingly popular varieties include Starkrimson, Scarlet Spur, and Red Chief. The main reason thought to be underlying this increase in the production of other apple varieties is export demand from Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Iran, and Syria. In general, about 75% of fresh apples in Turkey are consumed, and 20% are turned into fruit juice, cannes, and concentrate. Approximately 5 to 10% of apples are exported from Turkey to other countries.

Importing apples from Turkey

The import of Turkish apples to Iran is one of the major trades between the two countries, carried out by companies and traders on both sides of the border. This trade annually brings millions of dollars to both countries and is important for both local markets. Considering the consumer market in Iran is important for Turkish apples. Despite the production of apples in Iran, there is a need to import apples due to the variety of the product and its reasonable price. Turkish apples are in demand due to their high quality, desirable taste, and variety in types and varieties.

As a result, the import of Turkish apples to Iran is a great market opportunity that attracts the attention of traders and importing companies due to the high quality and reasonable price of Turkish products in this field. By using proper strategies and managing risks effectively, this trade can be transformed into a successful and profitable business.

Apple prices in Turkey

The price of apple exports per kilogram from Turkey has consistently decreased over the past five years. In 2012, the export price was $0.47 per kilogram and decreased to $0.31 per kilogram by 2016. However, in the past two years, the export price has increased, reaching $0.42 per kilogram in 2018 and $0.55 per kilogram in 2020. The current export price is $0.52 per kilogram. Based on this trend, it is predicted that the price of apple exports from Turkey will be $0.48 per kilogram in 2023 and $0.44 per kilogram in 2024

Why you should import Turkish apples through us?

One of the main reasons for choosing Turkey as a source of apples is the high quality and excellence of the products. The apples produced in Turkey have a unique taste and aroma due to the ideal climatic conditions and fertile soil. Additionally, Turkish farmers utilize advanced technologies in cultivation and preservation, resulting in increased productivity and reduced product loss.

The other reason is its competitive price advantage. Turkey, as one of the apple-producing countries with affordable production costs, can offer competitive prices for its products in the global market. This can be a special opportunity for countries looking to reduce their import costs.

And the last one is its strong transportation and distribution network. Turkey has an advanced and robust transportation infrastructure that enables fast and safe transportation of apples to other countries. Additionally, Turkey acts as a trade bridge between Europe and Asia due to its favorable geographical location.

Services that we, at Surin Trading Group provide you:

  1. High quality: With our experience and expertise in importing agricultural products, we can import high-quality apples from Turkey to Iran.
  2. Competitive price: we offer you a competitive price for imported apples by establishing direct business relationships with producers in Turkey.
  3. Product variety: we are capable of selecting from a range of Turkish apple varieties to meet the real needs of Iranian customers.
  4. Quality assurance: With international quality and standard certifications, we can assure our customers that the imported apples from Turkey meet your highest standards.
  5. After-sales services: we provide you with various after-sales services, including transportation services, technical consultation, and addressing product issues.

Furthermore, we make every effort to provide better after-sales services and higher quality to our customers. Surin Export has an experienced and dedicated team that assists customers in every stage of the after-sales process.

Export of Turkish apples

Apple exports are one of the important agricultural industries in Turkey. Turkey is one of the largest apple producers in the world and millions of tons of apples are exported to other countries every year. In this section, we examine Turkey's apple exports and analyze the factors affecting these exports.

Turkey’s apple export volumes have increased 10 times over the last decade as growers have adapted their operations to capitalize on growing export opportunities. The proximity to export markets and competitive prices have also helped Turkish apple exports. Turkey’s top export destinations are India, Iraq, Syria, Russia, Libya, and the United Arab Emirates. In the last few years, Turkey’s apple exports to India have taken off, climbing from about 10,000 MT in MY 2017/18 to more than 110,000 MT in MY 2021/22. India has been the largest destination for Turkish apple exports for two consecutive years. Red Delicious is the leading apple variety being exported from Turkey to India. With this increase in sales to India, Turkish apples are now competing head-to-head with U.S. apples in the Indian market.

Target markets are also important factors in Turkey's apple exports. Turkey seeks to have an active presence in global markets and be recognized as one of the top apple producers.

During 2022 and early 2023, Turkish apple exports to other countries have increased by more than 60%. The first country importing apples from Turkey is India_as we mentioned before_ the second country is Russia and the third country is Iraq. European countries such as Germany, France, and the Netherlands are the main target markets for Turkish apple exports.

Final words

In general, apple exports from Turkey are still growing as one of the important agricultural industries in this country, and other countries need Turkish apples. With high quality and a strong transportation network, Turkey can be recognized as one of the top apple producers in the world.

Considering the importance of apple imports from Turkey, we at Surin Trading Group are ready to provide the necessary services and support for countries to carry out these transactions. With our experience and knowledge in the field of international trade and export of fruits and vegetables, we can offer our customers the best quality and affordable Turkish apple products. Besides, our ability to handle transactions and customs matters can help customers reduce costs and delivery time.

In summary, importing apples from Turkey through Surin Trading Group can be an ideal option for countries seeking diversity and high-quality in agricultural products. By offering the best Turkish Apple products and providing the necessary services and support, we can assist our customers in achieving their business goals.

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