Eggplant Supplier in Iran

exporter of eggplant in Iran

Eggplant is a summer vegetable and is included in the category of tomatoes, bell peppers, cantaloupe, etc. Eggplant export is one of the prosperous international exchanges. High quality export eggplants are grown in farms and greenhouses. In cities that do not have the possibility to grow eggplants for export on agricultural land, greenhouse cultivation is common. Surin Export group is Fruit Exporter in Iran.

eggplant Exporter in Iran

There are different types of eggplant. Different types of eggplants including black, red and white eggplants are sent to different parts of the world. Eggplants also differ from each other in terms of appearance. Some of the exported eggplants are elongated and some eggplants are similar to eggs and some others are known as scalloped eggplants. In addition to eggplant, other products such as pickled eggplant are also exported. Surin Export is also Bell peper supplier in Iran.

One of the biggest European customers for the export of Iranian eggplant is Russia. Iranian eggplant is also exported to Persian Gulf countries such as the UAE and Iraq. Other countries in the Middle East also import Iranian eggplants.

Export of Iranian eggplant to Russia

Russia is one of the regular customers of Iranian fruits and vegetables. Many regions of this country are in conditions where it is not possible to plant and grow fresh fruits and vegetables. For this reason, it is very suitable to export Iranian fruits and vegetables to Russia.

In addition to Russia, other CIS countries and Eastern Europe also import Iranian eggplants. Other countries such as the Netherlands, Spain and China are Iran’s competitors in the Russian food market. Eggplant is one of the products that is cultivated in the southern regions of Iran in autumn and winter, and the export of Iranian eggplant to Russia is very prosperous in this season.

There are problems and challenges for eggplant export to Russia. The most important problem is careful planning and provision of necessary resources for healthy transportation of eggplants. Shipping costs to Russia are considerable. standard vehicles equipped with refrigerated containers are needed to transport eggplants for export to Russia; These equipment’s are expensive. we are Watermelon supplier in Iran.

Iranian eggplant

Export of Iranian eggplant to Asia

Iraq and the UAE are Iran’s neighboring countries that have a great demand for Iranian eggplants. Eggplant exports to Iraq are usually carried out from the border of Kurdistan. Considering the wide border between Iran and Iraq, exporting Iranian eggplant to Iraq is almost easier than exporting to Russia. Regarding the export of Iranian eggplant, it is very important to identify domestic competitors and foreign markets. Leveraging the experience of a strong merchandising team creates a detailed analysis of the target market.

Suitable packaging for export eggplant

One of the most important points in the field of export is paying close attention to all the steps. These steps include picking, packing and shipping the product. During harvesting, you should be careful not to injure the surface of the eggplant by applying pressure or impact. If the surface of the eggplant is damaged, due to the long time from harvesting to delivery to the destination, the product will suffer physical damage and the possibility of the entire shipment being damaged increases. In this case, huge losses will be imposed on the exporter. Applying pressure on the eggplant will cause the skin to wrinkle and spoil the product and cause a sharp drop in its price. Therefore, care must be taken when packing to avoid over compressing the products together.

Usually, nano nylons are used to pack eggplants for export; To increase the freshness and health of the product. Plastic baskets and three-layer cartons are the best options for Iranian exporters. Usually, packing inside wooden pallets or resistant plastic pallets is recommended for this purpose.

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