Culture & Tourism of Iran

Iran is one of the oldest civilizations globally. It is considered one of the most important tourism centers in the world due to its diverse climate and beautiful natural attractions.

Places in Iran that UNESCO has recognized in the world as the “heritage of world civilization.”


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  • Takht-e Soleiman (ancient site including Azar Gashsab fire temple in the Sasanian period) – Takab West Azerbaijan
  • Persepolis (ruins of the capital of Iran 2500 years ago) – Marvdasht
  • Naghsh Jahan Square (a collection of religious and governmental buildings of the Safavid era) – the center of Isfahan
  • Choghaznabil Temple (Elamite royal city 3,000 years ago) – Haft Tappeh
  • Dome of Soltaniyeh (the tallest dome in the world) in Khodabandeh city in Zanjan
  • The most important and famous historic and scenic places of Iran
  • Imam Reza Holy Shrine (the eighth Imam of the Shiites in the world) – Mashhad
  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (one of the masterpieces of Islamic architecture in the Safavid period) in Isfahan
  • Vank Church (one of the most beautiful churches in Iran) – Isfahan
  • Fire Temple of Yazd (the largest and oldest Zoroastrian shrine) – Yazd
  • Bam Citadel (the largest brick building in the world) – Bam
  • Anahita Temple (Stone Temple of the Parthian Era) – Kermanshah
  • Falakol aflak Castle (large military Castle of the Sassanid period) – Lorestan
  • Taq-e Bostan (one of the stone buildings of the Sassanid period) – Kermanshah
  • Pasargad (Tomb of Cyrus at the head of the Achaemenid dynasty in Iran) – Marvdasht
  • Naghsh-e Rostam (the largest stone building of the Sassanid era) – near Shiraz
  • Thirty-three bridges (one of the architectural masterpieces of the Safavid era) – Isfahan
  • Shams Ol-Emareh Building (Royal Palace of Qajar Kings) – Tehran
  • Tochal Tele cabin (the largest Tele cabin in the world) – Tehran
  • Tomb of Ferdowsi – Tus
  • Tomb of Attar – Neyshabur
  • Tomb of Hafez (Hāfezieh) – Shiraz
  • Tomb of Saadi (Saadieh) – Shiraz
  • Tomb of Qabus Ibn Voshmgir – (the tallest brick tower in the world) – Gonbad-e Qabus
  • Tomb of Khayyam – Neyshabur
  • Tomb of Avicenna – Hamadan
  • Tomb of Nader Shah – Mashhad
  • Tomb of Karim Khan – Shiraz
  • Tomb of Baba Taher – Hamadan
  • Khajoo Bridge – Isfahan
  • Bam Citadel – Bam

Also, Tughral Tower in Rey city, Kashan Fin Garden, Tehran Bazaar, Vakil Mosque in Shiraz, Shazdeh Garden in Mahan, Eram Garden in Shiraz, Karimkhani Citadel in Shiraz, Goharshad Mosque in Mashhad, Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan, Amir Chakhmaq Mosque in Yazd Golestan Palace in Tehran, Quran Gate in Shiraz, Imam Khomeini Mosque in Isfahan, etc. are other places of interest in Iran.

The most important natural sights of Iran are:

  • Mount Damavand – Northeast of Tehran
  • Ali-Sadr Cave – Hamadan
  • Plain of overturned tulips – the slope of Dena peak
  • Golestan Forest – Bojnourd
  • Golestan National Park – Golestan Province
  • Loot Desert – the center of Iran
  • Lake Urmia – Azerbaijan region
  • Anzali Lagoon – Anzali Port
  • Lar plain – Damavand foothills

The most important museums in Iran

  • National Museum of Iran – Tehran
  • Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran – Tehran
  • Natural History Museum – Tehran
  • Chehel Sotoon Museum – Isfahan
  • Ganjali Khan Bathhouse Museum – Kerman
  • Carpet Museum – Tehran
  • Saadabad Historical Complex – Tehran
  • Anthropology Museum – Tehran
  • Museum of Fine Arts – Tehran
  • Post Museum – Tehran
  • National Jewelry Museum – Tehran
  • Museum of Contemporary Art – Tehran
  • Azadi Cultural Complex – Tehran

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