Economic advantages of Iran

Advantages and features of Iran’s economy

  • The 18th top economy in the world
  • Positive economic growth despite economic sanctions
  • A young and educated population
  • Rich in terms of natural reserves
  • Solid and extensive economic infrastructure

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Advantages in terms of natural and mineral resources

  • Diversity in economic and wealthy areas in terms of oil hydrocarbon reserves
  • The fourth-largest oil producer in the world
  • Has the second-largest gas reserves in the world
  • Has the tenth rank in the tourism industry and the fifth rank in ecotourism
  • The largest and most industries in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Fourth to tenth place in the world in zinc and cobalt production
  • Has the highest ranking in the world of aluminum, manganese, and copper reserves
  • Ranked fourth in the world in terms of diversity of agricultural products in the world

Economic reforms in the framework of the Fifth Plan

  • $ 20 billion in private sector investment and foreign investment in the oil and gas industry
  • Improving the country’s health insurance system
  • International relations development
  • Double the volume of the country’s GDP

Extensive privatization

  • 80% of government assets must be transferred to the private sector.
  • 40% of this transfer will be through justice shares.
  • 40% of the privatization will be done through the Tehran Stock Exchange channel.
  • The government will continue to own 20% of the assets.
  • The total assets and assets of the government are $ 120 billion.
  • $ 63 billion has been privatized in the last five years.

With the completion of the privatization process, the government’s share in GDP will be reduced from 80% to 40%.

Advantages of Investment Law

1- Guaranteed and supportive coverage:

  • Guarantee of compensation in case of nationalization and expropriation (Article 9 of the law)
  • Ensuring compensation for losses caused by the prohibition or suspension of the implementation of financial agreements in foreign investments through contractual arrangements due to the enactment of laws or government decisions (Article 17 of the Law and Article 26 of the By-Laws)
  • Guarantee the purchase of goods and services produced by the foreign investment plan in cases where the government is the exclusive buyer or the supplier of goods and services at a computer price. (Article 11 of the By-Laws)

2- Rights and facilities:

  • Foreign investment enjoys the same rights, protections, and facilities as an internal investment (Article 8 of the law)
  • Free transfer of the principal of capital and advantages arising from investment in the country in the form of Currency or commodity (Articles 13-18 of the law)
  • Possibility of 100% foreign investment in investment projects (Article 4 of the By-Laws)
  • Accepting foreign investment in all fields of production, industry and agriculture, transportation, communications, services, water supply, electricity, gas, and energy
  • Possibility of referring investment disputes to international authorities (Article 19 of the law)
  • Possibility of owning land in the name of a company (registered in Iran) in joint ventures (Article 34 of By-Laws)
  • Providing visa facilities for three years in Iran for foreign investors, managers, experts, and their first-degree relatives and the possibility of extending it (Article 20 of the Law and 35 By-Laws)
  • We are deciding on the requests of foreign investors within a maximum of 45 days (Article 6 of the law).
  • Choice of investment method in the proposed plan, in the form of foreign direct investment (FDI) or contractual arrangements including BOT methods, buybacks, and civil partnership by the investor (Article 3 of the law)
  • Accepting investments of Iranian natural and legal persons who invest in the country with foreign capital, granting them facilities and legal protections, and supporting foreign investors. (Article 1 of the law)

Identifying foreign investment opportunities in Iran

  • Providing facilities through the investment opportunities site at www., including:
  • Access to Iranian investment opportunities in various economic fields with the possibility of advanced search on the site.
  • Access to the translation of foreign investment laws and regulations into the world language.
  • We present foreign investment statistics and introduce projects being implemented by foreign investors in the country.
  • Ability to receive foreign investment applications electronically in the investment opportunities provided on the site.
  • Complete the Summary Sheet form through the New Project section, the investment opportunities site www.iio. ir to collect information on investment opportunities in the country.
  • Checking opportunity information, listed it in the database, and introduced opportunities to potential foreign investors through the site.
  • Participate in international seminars with projects owners
  • Ability to hold in-person meetings with investment opportunity owners and potential foreign investors.

Place of investment in Iran

  • Guardian institution: Iran Investment and Technical and Economic Assistance Organization
  • Legal framework: Law on Encouragement and Protection of Foreign Investment and related regulations.

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