Introducing 7 different types of dates in Iran and the world

different types of dates in Iran and the world


varities of dates Iran

Dates or fresh dates are Monocots and tropical plants and belong to the class of palms. This tree with a height of 10 to 20 meters has sweet fruits. The spikes of this tree are very large and hang from the branches and the fruit has a sweet taste. The distribution of this plant is more in the northern hemisphere and in Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other countries of the Persian Gulf. Dates are also grown in North Africa and the United States. Surin Export is Dates Supplier in Iran, Lets be in touch with our specialists to Import Dates from Iran.

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What are the differences between different types of dates?

Type of sugar: Dates contain sugars such as fructose, glucose (a simple sugar) and sucrose (a complex sugar). Dates differ in the amount and variety of these sugars. Of course, this difference is about 2%.

Moisture: Dates are divided into three categories in terms of moisture content: soft, semi-dry and dry. Soft dates have less sucrose and energy than dried and semi-dried dates.


7 Important dates Iran

Pyarom Iranian Dates

Variety of dates and its crop area in the world

There is a great variety of dates in the world and 3000 to 4000 species of this plant have been observed so far. About 400 types of dates are cultivated in Iran.

Crop area of date in different countries: Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Iran have the most date cultivation in the world, respectively.

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After Egypt, Iran is the largest producer and exporter of dates.

What is the difference between Kharak, fresh dates and dates?

Dates ripen completely in 3 steps. In these stages, the fruit will be different in terms of color, texture, taste, size and composition. Dates are green at first and have a bitter and astringent taste and are firm.

Kharak (gang): At this stage, the date is firm and green, but does not have the initial bitter taste and its sugar content has increased.

Fresh dates: Dates are soft, juicy and sweet at this stage, but their sugar content is lower than ripe dates.

Dates: Dates are the fully ripe fruit of the palm tree, which has lost most of its water and its sugar content has reached its maximum.

Types of dates in Iran and its most important producing provinces:

Types of dates in Khuzestan and Bushehr

  1. Colonial dates or Saayer (Khuzestan)

Colonial dates have a great commercial value and are export dates. Its color is amber or reddish brown and it is a semi-dry date with a thick skin.

sayer dates Iran

Sayer Dates of khouzestan


2. Zahedi dates (Khuzestan and Bushehr)

Zahedi dates can be stored for a long time and this is one of the reasons why they are exported. It also has a lot of sugar. Its color is reddish brown to pale yellow and it is dry with thick skin.

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zahedi dates

Zahedi Iranian Dates

3.Kabkab dates – Dashtestan of Bushehr

Fresh Date is also known as honey fresh date due to its attractive yellow color and abundant nectar. This rotb can be stored for a long time if stored at -18 ° C. Its color is light, soft and light brown with thick skin.

kabkab dates iran

Kabkab Dates

4.Pyaram dates (Hajiabad of Hormozgan)

Pyaram dates are rich in sugars, proteins and other minerals and have a high nutritional value. This type of date tolerates soil salinity well. Its color is dark brown and semi-dry with thin skin.

Types of dates in Bam and Kerman

5.Mazafati dates (Bam in Kerman province)

Mazafati dates are one of the favorite dates and are widely consumed in Iran and have little commercial value due to high humidity. Its color is black and its skin is almost thick.

6.Rabbi dates (Jiroft and Kahnooj)

The sweetness of rabbi dates is less than Mazafati dates and it has a very good taste. Its tastes are better than Mazafati date when it is high in moisture. Its color is dark brown with a wrinkled appearance and semi-dry with thin skin.


rabbi dates Iran

Rabbi Dates

7.Royal dates (Fars)

Royal dates have an elongated appearance. The high-quality type of royal dates is fragrant. In Kharak stage, its taste is sweet. Therefore, some of it is consumed as Kharak. Royal dates are of late ripening type. Its color is light brown; Soft and moist with thin skin.

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