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How Detect Original Saffron?! 

Detection of original saffron is one of the issues that we should be aware of when buying saffron. Recently, with the increase in fraud in the production and sale of saffron, methods to identify original saffron have been developed to be a tool in the hands of consumers to increase their awareness and close the way for trader’s jobbery in the saffron market. We, Surin Export, As Fruit and vegetable wholesaler in Iran will Make it Easy For you !

fake saffron vs original saffron

What are specifics of Original Safrron?

In this article, we have explained eight ways to identify original saffron so that you can easily identify original saffron and enjoy your purchase. Also, the best way you can use to buy original saffron is to buy it directly from the farm.

By buying original saffron directly from the farm, you can be 100% sure that the purchased saffron is original and you can benefit from all its properties. Due to our activities in this field, we are constantly confronted with cases such as saffron fraud and similar activities. We draw your attention to the video of saffron production in the workshop.

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Ways to identify the original saffron

  • Tasting saffron

One of the ways to distinguish saffron is to taste it. Saffron has a bitter taste and should not have a different taste like sweet.

If it has a sweet taste, it has definitely been sprayed with sugary substances such as sugar water to make it heavier, so be sure to pay attention to this as well.

  • The heads of the branches of saffron should be trumpet-shaped

If you look more closely at the saffron flower strings, you will notice that the original saffron strings are trumpet-shaped, which is one of the most important cases in identifying the original saffron.


ways to detect original saffron fake saffron

Original Saffron Vs Fake Saffron

  • Distinguish saffron from its color

The color of saffron is dark. We often see that people in the face of the dark color of saffron think that saffron is old or not good, but this is not the case at all, and we must note that the color of saffron is originally dark and not light.

If the saffron has a color other than dark crimson, it is clear that it is not a saffron plant but can be replaced by a safflower plant.

  • Cheating saffron with safflower plant

Safflower plant is one of the plants that is widely used in saffron fraud and it is very important for a person who has no information in this field and should fully understand its differences with saffron.

Jobberies dye safflower and mix it with saffron to increase its weight. This plant does not have the aroma and taste of original saffron and also has a different structure from original saffron, so you can recognize it well with a little care.

  • Original and fresh saffron has a spicy aroma

Does fresh saffron have a spicy aroma?

Yes, freshly picked saffron has a very spicy odor and as soon as the door is opened, the space inside the room is filled with its aroma. Of course, saffron that has been picked for several years has a very weak aroma and cannot easily make the space fragrant.

specific of Original SAFFRON

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  • Saffron coloring rate

Original and first grade saffron has a very low coloring rate and this factor is one of the important factors in identifying original saffron. If you brewed saffron after purchase and noticed that the saffron dyed for a few seconds while brewing, you should know that your saffron is feigned.

Original saffron require about 30 minutes to color, and if it is brewed in less than this time, for example, 5 minutes, it can be a sign that saffron is feigned. Dye may be added to saffron to make it both heavier and more pigmented.


pure saffron specific

  • Increasing the weight of saffron

If you have not bought your saffron from a safe place, you should expect that they may have increased the weight of the purchased saffron.

Saffron filaments are soaked in honey, salt and soda and increase the weight of saffron.

  • Saffron is not oily

One of the ways to detect original saffron is the amount of oil in saffron filaments. For this test, just place the saffron filaments between the straw paper or the newspaper. If you see oil and fat on paper, saffron is feigned, but if it is crushed, it is original saffron.

What is the main method of identifying the original saffron?

If in spite of all the ways we mentioned, you still think it is difficult to identify the original saffron, we have another solution for you, but you can be 100% sure that the saffron you buy is original.

The main method of detecting original saffron is direct purchase from the farm. When you buy saffron from the farm and directly from the farmer, you are actually connected to the main source of saffron production and sale and there is no other intermediary that can change the saffron. Surin Export will be by you by creating a network of farms across the country in order to supply saffron directly from the farm.

To buy original saffron, you can count on Surin Export farmers and enjoy your saffron and its excellent properties.

What are the methods to identify the original saffron?

The first method is that the heads of the branches of saffron should be trumpet-shaped. The second method involves the color and taste of saffron.

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