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Peach Exporter in Iran

Peach is summer fruits that is native to China and South Asia. Its scientific name is Prunus persica and it grows in temperate regions. This juicy fruit has a hard core, yellow flesh, or relatively white and velvety skin. Due to the adhesion of the mantle to the kernel, this fruit is divided into two categories: separate kernels and attached kernels. We, Surin Export are Iranian Fruit wholesaler and we also are active as Peach supplier in Iran. We are Also Nectarine Supplier in Iran.


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Peach Price in Iran

Types of produced peaches in Iran

Peaches come in many varieties include Balkhi, Kardi, Saffron (which has two separate kernels and an attached kernel), and Donut Peaches (which is very similar to apricot) with different flavors. Among the major producers of peaches, we can mention Chahar mahal-o-Bakhtiari Province especially in beautiful tourist city of Saman, Alborz province, Baye Kola village of Neka in Mazandaran province, Shandabad of Shabestar of East Azerbaijan province. Production of Balkhi peach, which is very large and sweet, reduced, because it is immediately stained and takes on a bad appearance. For more information about Peach price in Iran, ask Us as a peach Exporter in Iran. You can read more about us as Apple Export Company in Iran.

Peach Exporter Iran peach Price in Iran

Kiatou and zaferani are two Important Iranian Peach which are Sutaible for Export. 

Iranian Peach 

  • Yellow peaches

This peach has a spicy and acidic taste compared to white peaches. Like all peaches, you should look for yellow peaches that look heavy. choose a peach that smells good. This type of peach has all the signs of a ripe peach. For inquiry about Peach price in Iran, you can ask our Experts, We are Peach Exporter in Iran.

  • White peaches

White peaches are sweeter than yellow peaches because of their low acidity. They also have a softer and tastier texture than yellow peaches. They are no different in appearance from other peaches. This type of peach is relatively rare, valuable and are probably more expensive.

  • Freestone peaches

Freestone peaches do not stick to the core and can be removed by hand. These peaches are larger than Klingstone peaches and have less water. Most peaches that are sold to customers in retail are of this type.

  • Klingstone peaches

Klingstone peaches have attached flesh to the core. This type is softer, sweeter and juicier than freestone peaches. Because of these features, they are suitable for canning, storing and cooking. Commercial canned peaches are all clingstone. Explore us as Iranian peach supplier.

  • Donut Peaches

Donut Peaches come in many varieties and are very popular and well known. This is because of their recognizable shape. They are flat, white and low in acid. Surin Export is Active as Kiwi Export company in Iran.

Iranian Peach Exporter Peach producer IRAN


Peach Export From Iran

Surin Export is premier as Peach Supplier in Iran. We are Producer of high quality Iranian Peach. Annually, about seven million tons of peaches are produced in the world. With a production of 600,000 tons, Iran has eight percent of the production of this fruit in the world and is ranked sixth in the world in terms of peach production. Among the countries of the world, China is the first producer of peaches and Italy is the second largest producer of this fruit, followed by the United States, Greece, France, Iran, Turkey, Chile, Spain and Argentina.

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