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Iran is the largest producer of edible mushrooms in the region. Despite the fact that many foreign traders know Iran for its other fruits, the export of mushrooms to Iran’s neighboring countries is very high. Surin Export Consortium is one of the top suppliers of mushrooms in Iran. We are composed from several large Iranian producers focusing on the development of fruit, vegetable and food exports; and we operate as mushroom producers in Iran in Jouybar. Surin is Fruit and vegetable wholesaler in Iran. 

Iranian mushroom exporter

Iran is one of the 6 producers of edible mushrooms in the world. Iranian mushroom has high quality and many countries use Iranian mushrooms. Due to its high quality and color change, after 6 to 7 days, Iranian mushrooms cannot be exported to other parts of the world and are mainly exported by air or in trucks to countries near Iran. Turkmenistan, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Georgia and Armenia are the major buyers of Iranian mushrooms. As a supplier of mushrooms in Iran, we are committed to providing the highest quality mushrooms for export to neighboring countries. Also Its attractive to explore us as Citrus Supplier in Iran.

Iranian mushroom

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Mushrooms are known in the world customs with tariff code of 070951.Mushrooms that are grown industrially, are mainly suitable for export in Iran, and this law is no exception in relation to Iranian export mushrooms. The most important factor for mushroom exports is its quality and freshness. Iranian mushrooms, like other mushrooms in the world, have their own sensitivities and care must be taken in exporting and transporting them.

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Types of mushrooms exported from Iran

Kefir is one of the top export mushrooms in the world. because of its yeast, it is known as a cure for diseases, which can be referred to as a common cold. Agaricus bisporus is one of the most important mushrooms in the world. Iranian Agaricus bisporus is the most important Iranian export mushroom. 85% of the mushrooms produced in Iran are dedicated to Iranian Agaricus bisporus. Iranian Agaricus bisporus is one of the most consumed mushrooms in the world and the region.

Surin is a powerful Export Platform in Iran.

Mushroom prices in Iran

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To inquire about the price of mushrooms in Iran, you can send a message to the experts of Iran Export 24 now. You are invited to visit our export production line in northern Iran.

Features of export mushrooms

Iranian button mushroom generally has the following characteristics: The base of the mushroom is attached to the cap and the blades of the mushroom are not easily visible;  Iranian mushrooms has not stains, disease and pests, damage and cuts. One of the biggest challenges of the Surin Tejarat export consortium in recent years has been the staining of export mushrooms. By spending a lot of money and using the latest technologies, we have been trying to produce quality mushrooms and  we are one of the claimants of mushroom producers in Iran now.

Export mushrooms should be supplied in packages and in the same dimensions and size.

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Export mushroom packaging

Plastic packaging containers for exporting mushrooms are covered with special cellophane to prevent direct air flow. The packaging of export mushrooms of Surin Tejarat is ready to be presented to the markets of the region in packages of 200, 400 and 1 kg. Due to the sensitivity of mushrooms to pressure, they are mainly transported in 6-ton trucks with an export capacity of 3 tons.

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