Eqtesad 24 News agency interview with Mohammad Yusefi Aramesh

Interview with Eghtesad 24 News Agency – Mohammad Yusefi Aramesh

from well-known Iranian news agencies with Mohammad Yousefi Aramesh, CEO of Surin Export and Exporter of Iranian Fruit:

Request for direct entry of the President of Iran in solving some obstacles to fruit exports in Iran

The chief of the Mazandaran Province Economy and Employment Commission and fruit exporter says:


mohammad Yusefi Aramesh Fruit Exporter

“Unfortunately, there is still the issue of banning the export of Iranian fruit to India, and despite various news regarding the reopening of the kiwi export line to India, nothing has happened;

Eghtesad 24 News Agency – The interview took place in Persian and was translated into English by a translator:

From past three months, there has been a ban on the export and return of some Iranian fruits; News that seems to have no end and adds to the worries of the country’s farmers and businessmen every day. Now, the letter of the chief of Iranian Agricultural Union to the President regarding the ban on banana imports from India to reciprocation the ban on Iranian kiwi to this country, has once again brought the challenges of Iranian fruit exports to the forefront of the news.

Mohammad Yusefi Aramesh, head of the Economy and Employment Commission of the National Youth Assembly of Mazandaran Province, said in an interview with Eghtesad 24:

Unfortunately, the issue of banning Iranian fruit is still raised, and despite various news regarding the reopening of the kiwi export line to India, nothing has happened; Fruit traders and farmers have been concerned for nearly three months, and officials have not taken any effective international action. Unfortunately, there has been a major mismanagement in the field of fruit exports. Ministry of Agriculture Jahad and Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not take precautionary action against the frequently warnings of Russia and India, and we still see great indifference after the crisis.

He called reaction such as banning the import of bananas emotional and said: “These reactions will cause serious damage to Iranian apple exports.” Because India is one of the largest buyers of apples from Iran.

Yusefi Aramesh said about the reason for the return of Iranian fruits:

I can honestly say that many of this news are a political game and an attempt to prevent the entry of currency into the country. Regarding kiwi, some Iranian products had louse, the main reason was how to maintain the product and also not to use the brush; But these problems were not serious enough to close Iran’s kiwi export line for several months, as India had been importing these products from Iran for years.

Yusefi Aramesh explicitly emphasized:

All products of Surin Export Company have been completely healthy and free of louse due to proper storage in the refrigerator, and we are seriously determined to provide quality products to our customers.

This economist seriously criticized the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Agriculture Jahad, and say: We are really alone; Due to sanctions, Iranian traders are unable to receive money through safe methods, and some foreign traders do not pay Iranian exporters every year under various pretexts. The use of credit for international trade is the minimum right for traders, which we do not have access to due to sanctions. Add to these challenges and difficulties restrictive rules such as resolving foreign currency commitments and sell foreign currency at the price of Nima system! It is quite clear that the person who wrote these rules has not exported even a one kilogram of fruit in his life!

We try to keep the name of Iranian fruit prominent and successful.

Yusefi Aramesh said:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be responder, And the Iranian ambassadors and their advisers in India should report on what they have done in the last three months to remove barriers to Iranian fruit exports and restore the reputation of the Iranian fruit brand. It is not possible for us to pay taxes constantly and some do not do their job!

The president and the minister of foreign affairs must act.

Yusefi Aramesh said: Iran exported about 3.1 million tons of fruit in the first eight months of 1400, which is significant. But this widespread negative news that has spread in the international media against Iranian fruits is facing our national brand with serious challenges. We seriously ask the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to negotiate with the leaders of the mentioned countries and send business groups to end this chaotic situation and prevent some countries that oppose Iran’s economic interests with false news.

He continued: “It is very difficult to compensate for the ban on fruit exports of a country and to restore fruit importers.” Unfortunately, the government does not support fruit exports, and with resolving foreign currency commitments and the lack of active diplomacy of ministry of foreign affairs has made export conditions more difficult.

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In general, I request the government:

  1. The Foreign Minister should immediately negotiate with the countries that buy Iranian fruit.
  2. The Ministry of Agriculture Jahad should work more carefully to standardize and eliminate the import sensitivities of mentioned countries.
  3. The parliament and the Ministry of SAMT should remove resolving foreign currency commitments law specially for fruits.
  4. Presence of a literate and experienced agricultural specialist in the Iranian embassy in the target countries.

Yusefi added: “Iran is a country with the potential to export fruits to the world. Countries around Iran are not able to produce many fruits due to unfavorable climate and lack of fertile soil, cold and high heat. Unfortunately, the country’s officials do not pay enough attention to these issues. Why should China be the largest supplier of Oman apples from thousand kilometers away, while this country is in our neighborhood? We have many opportunities ahead of us and with a national union and the removal of obstacles, we can take serious steps to develop Iran’s fruit exports.

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