General information about Iran

Country Name: Islamic Republic of Iran


Area: 1648195 square kilometers

Population: 75,597,633 people in 2011

Capital: Tehran

Official religion: Islam

Official language: Persian

Currency: Rials


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Iran With an area of more than 1,648,195 square kilometers (the 16th largest country in the world), is located in southwest Asia. It is one of the Middle Eastern countries. In terms of geographical location, Iran is located in the southern half of the northern temperate zone between 03, 25° and 47 °, 39 ° north latitude of the equator and 14,44° and 20, 63 ° east longitude of the Greenwich meridian. About 90% of the country’s location is in the Iranian plateau. The land of Iran is generally mountainous and semi-arid. Its average altitude is more than 1200 meters above sea level. More than half of the country is covered by mountains and highlands, a quarter by plains, and less than a quarter by cultivated land. The Dasht-e Lut, with a height of 56 meters, is the lowest point. The Damavand peak (located in the middle of Alborz mountain), with 5628 meters, is the highest point in Iran. Also, on the southern shore of the Caspian Sea, the altitude is 28 meters below sea level.

Iran is bounded on the north by the Republic of Turkmenistan, the Caspian Sea, the Republics of Azerbaijan and Armenia, on the west by Turkey and Iraq, on the east by Pakistan and Afghanistan, and on the south by the Sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf. In total, the Perimeter of Iran is 8731 km, of which 2700 km is the water border and 6031 km is the land border.

The highest point in Iran: is Damavand peak, with 5610 meters in height

The longest river: Karun river with 950 km in length (the only navigable river)

The largest lake: Lake Urmia, with an area of 4868 square kilometers

-The largest island: Qeshm Island, with an area of 1491 square kilometers

Government: The government of Iran is the Islamic Republic, and its national day is the 22nd of Bahman. Its capital is Tehran.

Based on country divisions in August 2011:

Number of provinces: 31

Number of counties: 397

Number of sections: 984

Number of cities: 1154

Number of villages: 2499

Flag: ‌ Consists of three equal horizontal rows with green at the top, white in the middle, and red at the bottom.

The national mark (the word of God) is in red in the middle of the white part. ‌ The word Allah Akbar with white color and Arabic calligraphy is repeated 11 times along the lower edge of the green row and 11 times along the upper edge of the red row.

‌Exports: Oil, carpets, fruits, nuts (pistachios, raisins, dates), skin and salami, caviar, petrochemical products, textiles, clothing, food industry products

Imports: Machinery, metal industry, food ‌, pharmaceutical ‌, technical services, chemical products ‌

Industries: ‌ Petroleum, petrochemical, textile, cement and other construction materials, food processing (especially sugar refining and lubrication), metal

Agriculture: Wheat, rice, cereals, sugar beet, fruit, oilseeds (pistachios, almonds, walnuts), cotton, dairy products, wool, caviar ‌

Currency: ‌ 10 Iranian Rials ‌is equal to 1 Toman ‌

Rail transport ‌: 96: 9796 km

The length of the country’s roads: ‌ 158,000 km ‌

Pipelines: Petroleum products: 3900 km, natural gas 4550 km

Ports: ‌ Abadan, Ahvaz, Port of Shahid Beheshti, Bandar Abbas, Bandar Anzali‌, Bandar Bushehr, Bandar Imam Khomeini, Bandar Mahshahr, Bandar Torkaman, Khorramshahr, Nosheh

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