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Bell paper Supplier Iran

Iran is one of the leading countries in the export of fresh vegetables in the world. Bell pepper
is one of Irans export vegetables. Russia and the Persian Gulf countries are among the countries
that import Iranian bell pepper. Surin Tejarat Export Consortium, under the brand Surin Export,
operates professionally as an exporter of Iranian bell peppers. Our consortium was formed from
the consensus of the largest suppliers of fruits and vegetables in Iran and annually hosts the
worlds biggest businessmen from different countries.

bell peper exporter Iran

We are committed to exporting the highest
quality Iranian vegetables to different parts of the world. We operate as one of the leading
suppliers of bell peppers in Iran. Surin Export is a leader in the field of export and import.

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All kinds of export bell peppers

Bell pepper is in the form of green and colored peppers. Generally, colored peppers are more
popular for export. Its powder is also known as a popular spice in other countries. One of the
most popular types of bell pepper is red bell pepper, which prevents heart attacks and cancer due
to its lycopene content.

Cherry bell pepper, which is known by this name because of its color, is slightly spicy and is
usually used to prepare salads or pickles. Cubanelle bell pepper is also cultivated in yellowish
green or dark green color. Purple bell pepper, which is a rare variety, has an eggplant color and is
sweet. Yellow and orange bell peppers, which usually have a sweet taste, are used in preparing


Bell peper Company Iran

Export of Bell peper to Armenia – Surin Export company

Features of Iranian bell pepper

Iranian bell pepper is grown with the latest methods and technologies. Using this method
produces the best quality products without the use of poisons. In addition, Iran's four-season
weather and high-quality soil allow farmers to grow the best vegetables. Surin Export Company
always tries to present Iranian bell pepper in a very beautiful and standard packaging to the
market. For this reason, it always uses up-to-date devices for product packaging. In addition to
beauty, the packaging should be in such a way as to preserve the freshness of bell pepper. We try
to make your cooperation experience with us as an exporter of Iranian bell peppers a continuous
Bell pepper exporting and bell pepper importing countries
The main export of bell pepper is done by Mexico. Spain, Netherlands, Canada and USA are
in the next rank. It is interesting to know that the largest importer of bell pepper is USA. USA
imports capsicum and exports it to other countries after packaging. After the United States,
Germany, England and France are the largest importers of bell peppers, respectively.
Export of Iranian bell pepper
According to the statistical results, the countries of Iraq, UAE, Afghanistan, Oman, China,
Germany, Italy and Poland are countries that have a high potential for importing bell pepper.
Also, the countries of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan are suitable for the export
of Iranian bell peppers due to their short distance from Iran.

Bell peper Exporter in Iran

Among the mentioned countries, Russia is one of the main destinations for Iranian vegetable
and fruit exporters. Because this country has a very cold weather and usually agriculture is not
done there. On the other hand, the short distance from Iran has made it relatively easy to send
Iranian products to this country. Of course, it should be noted that Russian businessmen trust
foreign exporters very hard and it is usually difficult to get their opinion.
Colored bell pepper is one of the most popular agricultural products in Russia. For this reason,
Russian traders welcome high-quality greenhouse bell peppers. Surin Export Company has been
able to be present in the Russian market by producing high quality products and using standard
and very beautiful packaging. You can contact Surin Export for the export clearance of your
You can contact Surin Export specialists and make inquiries right now.


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