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Iranian lettuce

Lettuce is one of the most popular products in Iran and Eurasian countries, especially Russia. Iran, due to the favorable climate, is one of the best countries in vegetable production. Surin Tejarat Export Consortium operates as a supplier of lettuce along with other fruits and vegetables in Iran.

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Lettuce and vegetables produced by Surin Tejarat Gardens include lettuce for salad or iceberg, cauliflower, white cabbage, red cabbage, Romano lettuce. As a lettuce exporter in Iran, we have experience in cooperating in fruit exports to Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, UAE, Qatar and Oman. Iranian lettuce is a rich source of k and A vitamins, Iron, calcium and phosphorus. Also read more about our other vegetables such as saffron. We are Saffron wholesaler in Iran.



Export and harvest season of Iranian lettuce

Spring is a good time to plant Iranian lettuce. Farmers in Iran usually sow lettuce seeds in the early days of spring and they do this every two week. Temperatures above 24 °C have a negative effect on the lettuce growth, because of the lettuce to turn yellow and lay eggs prematurely. Spring and late summer are the best times to plant Iranian lettuce. Therefore, this product is available for import in different seasons. Iranian lettuce is one of the most popular products in Russia and every year, a large volume of Iranian vegetables is exported to this country. Therefore, buying Iranian lettuce is common in the culture of countries that buy Iranian vegetables. Khuzestan, Isfahan and Lorestan are among the top provinces in lettuce production and export. we are also potato supplier in Iran.

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