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Features of healthy potatoes For Export

Potatoes are cooked and consumed in different ways. Frying, boiling, grilling, gratin, puree and roasting are different methods of cooking potatoes. Considering the use of potatoes in different foods, it is better to get acquainted with how to choose and buy healthy and suitable potatoes. Surin Export group is Vegetable Supplier and Exporter in Iran.

Healthy Potatos Specific

Health of potatoes have two meanings.

First, in terms of appearance, quality and durability.

Second, in terms of chemical residues such as toxins, fertilizers, chemical contaminants and heavy metals.

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how to diagnose healthy potatoes?

appearance health

  1. Choose firm potatoes

Potatoes should be firm. It should not sink when you press it with your finger. The softening of the potato marks the beginning of the process of spoilage. If the potatoes are soft at home, it is better to eat them immediately. Avoid buying softened potatoes from the store; Unless you decide to consume it immediately.

  1. Healthy surface

Cuts on the skin of a potato can cause it to rot. Cuts are a good place for bacteria and mud to enter the potato. When buying potatoes, thoroughly inspect them everywhere so that there are no cuts on the skin.

If there are small scratches on the skin of the potato; Eat the rest of the potatoes by separating the areas around the scratches. But note that by buying potatoes with healthy skin, you will no need to throw away parts of it. It will also be economically viable.


Healthy potato

  1. Natural smell

Since the potato grows in the soil. Fresh potatoes should smell a little soil. Of course, its skin should not be too muddy and earthy.

  1. No sprout

If there are eyes growing on the potato, it means that it is sprouting. Only buy sprouted potatoes if you decide to eat them in the next day or two. Before eating and cooking the potatoes, it is necessary to separate the sprouted parts completely from the surface and depth of the potatoes with a spoon or a knife.

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  1. Freshness

Wrinkles on potatoes can be a sign of improper transportation, loss of moisture or storage in a very hot place. Be sure to note that the surface of the potato should be smooth.

  1. Natural color

One of the distinguishing factors of a healthy potato is its color. The darker skin is better. Darker brown potatoes are more nutritious. While yellow potatoes have less properties.

Potatoes, some of which turn green, contain a toxin called glycoalkaloids, or TGAs. Glyco alkaloids are toxic compounds found in plants of the potato family. These compounds are found in all potato organs; The highest concentration of them is in flowers. One of the compounds in this toxin is solanine, which occurs naturally in potatoes.

This composition is characterized by the appearance of green under the skin of the potato. Potatoes grow underground. If part of the potato is out of the soil, it produces solanine to protect against animals. This substance creates an unpleasant and bitter taste in potatoes. Solanine can lead to indigestion, diarrhea and hallucinations if taken in large amounts. We are Citrus Orange Supplier in Iran.


Good potatos for Export

Physical injury exacerbates TGA. On the other hand, exposing potatoes to light increases TGA. TGA intensity is also reduced by keeping it in the dark. You can eat potatoes with a thin layer of green after removing this layer. But note; By buying natural colored potatoes, you will no longer need to throw away parts of it. This is an economic operation.

wrong belief

The bitter taste of potatoes means an increase in the amount of solanine. In these cases, many people try to remove the bitterness by forcing the potato into the water. This is a misconception. Some people believe that cooking, boiling or putting in the microwave reduces the amount of potato toxin. While this toxin is not eliminated in any way.

  1. No stains and bruises

Avoid buying potatoes with dark spots or bruises on the skin. These bruises may be due to improper transportation. But it can also be caused by a fungal infection. The blue parts of the potato should be discarded before consumption. Therefore, when buying potatoes, it is better to check it and refrain from buying such potatoes. We are Saffron Supplier in Iran.

Potato health in terms of being safe for human health

Unfortunately, it is not easy to choose healthy potatoes that do not contain chemical residues. Because this feature is not determined by the appearance of the product. You can only buy healthy potatoes with confidence if you know how to grow them. Or send the purchased product to the laboratory. If the test result is healthy, eat potatoes. Another solution is to buy this product from a reputable and well-known brand such as Surin Export. Surin Export products have been tested and have a valid certificate. Surin Export ensures product health. Premier in Iran Export.

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