5 important points to buy quality raisins

Pure Raisins Specific

Raisins are the dried fruit of the grape, and its varieties are among the oldest and best-selling dried fruits and nuts. Green raisins are made from green grapes and raisins are made from black (royal) grapes. Rice raisins are grapes that are dried in the sun. Raisins are widely consumed in Iran, such as a substitute for sugar for drinking tea, cooking some Iranian dishes and a variety of cookies, cakes and pastries. Buy green and black raisins from us so that you can feel comfortable about the health and quality of the product. Join us to learn about the properties and harms of raisins and tips on buying it. We are Pure Raisins Supplier in Iran.

pure raisins specific

High quality raisins

Raisins are produced at the end of summer, but can be bought in all seasons in the category of nuts and dried fruits. Grapes have a high nutritional value and, like fresh figs, can sometimes be eaten instead of a meal. Dried grape fruit also has all the nutrients of grapes.

So do not forget to buy and consume raisins in the form of sweet nuts, snacks, in food or cakes and sweets. Also we are Saffron Exporter in Iran.

Raisin Buying Guide

  • Freshness of raisins

Raisins are dry, but should not be completely dry and firm, but should also retain their softness and tenderness. So, when buying raisins, make sure they are not too old and dry. The taste, color and smell of raisins indicate their age or quality and you can try their freshness with them.

  • Health of raisins

If the raisins are too old or not stored properly, they may be unhealthy. The appearance of raisins also helps in diagnosis; Such as change in color and taste, crystallization and sugaring, stickiness of raisins and observation of insects or their eggs, worms, mold and the like.

  • Raisins without stems

If you buy raisins without stems, you don’t need to spend time separating the stalks from the raisins; Because this separation is not an easy task.

  • Place of production

Raisins are produced in many cities in Iran, but raisins are a souvenir of Kashmar. Kashmar raisins are famous for their high quality and durability. The price and taste of raisins vary depending on the place of production. Keep this in mind when shopping.

  • Production and sales methods

raisins specific for export

Different types of raisins are produced in several ways:

  1. Natural and traditional in two ways, sun dry and dry shade: In this method, which is longer than the other methods, the elongated shape of the grape is not preserved and the raisins become rounder; Like rice raisins.
  2. Sulfur vapor industry, sometimes combined with the acid method. With the help of sulfur, the color of raisins does not turn brown and black, but remains grape and golden.
  3. Acidity: In this method, potassium carbonate is used, which speeds up the drying process very much, and of course, keeps the elongated and beautiful shape of the grapes.

The method of production of raisins affects its price and also the stomach of people may be allergic to the substances used in the abnormal method or cause gastric reflex. So, when buying raisins, think about the production method and the health of your stomach.

The most important point in buying raisins is the method of selling raisins and in other words, the method of your purchase! If you shop in person, you can better identify these features about bulk or packaged raisins. We are Also Mandarin Supplier in Iran – Mazandaran.

Benefits and harms of green raisins

We talked about buying tips for green raisins, but it is good to mention its properties and harms briefly at the end of the article.

High quality Rasins Specific

Benefits of Green Raisins

Raisins are rich in sugars and provide energy and calories to the body, especially brain calories for people with study and mental activity. Raisins contain calcium, which is necessary for the growth and strength of bones and teeth. Raisin iron is useful for treating iron deficiency and anemia. Fiber in various types of raisins helps digestive function, especially in the intestines. Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants are among the ingredients in raisins. Other properties of raisins include: strengthening the immune system, antibiotic and anti-infective properties, purifying and detoxifying the blood, increasing sexual desire and fertility and the possibility of male fertility, skin health and beauty, hair growth and preventing hair loss, lowering blood pressure and Cholesterol treatment for sleep deprivation or insomnia, memory enhancement, and helping the fetus grow during pregnancy and breastfeeding through breastfeeding. We are Orange Exporter in Iran.

Disadvantages of green raisins

Raisins are hot and dry and its high consumption is not highly recommended for hot-tempered people. If you are allergic to grapes, you may also be allergic to raisins. Do not eat raisins for a few days before surgery because raisins reduce blood clotting. If you have respiratory problems or a disease that affects your respiratory system, start eating raisins in small amounts and continue if they do not have respiratory problems. People with diabetes should use dried raisins and berries instead of sugar, but be aware that high consumption of dried fruits also raises blood sugar; So, do not overdo it. Also Iranian Watermelon is our Product.

Storage methods of raisins at home

After buying raisins from Surin Export, the important point is to keep them for a long time and keep them fresh and healthy. Store raisins in closed and impermeable containers in a cool, dry and dark place. The refrigerator is a good option for storing raisins and then in a cabinet where the space inside is not warm. Keep in mind that drying and hardening of raisins is not a sign of spoilage; Unless the taste, color and smell have changed.

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