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We, Surin Export group are one of the premier Fruit Exporter in Iran. Iran is one of the top tomatoes producing countries in the world with a production of about 7 million tons per year. Iranian tomato and tomato paste are popular products in Iran. Russia, Turkey, Lebanon, UAE, Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman and Kazakhstan are among the importers of Iranian tomatoes and tomato paste. Surin Export Consortium, consisting of several producers and suppliers in the country, has been established with the purpose of developing the export of Iranian fruits and vegetables. We operate as a tomato supplier in Iran and are committed to providing the highest quality fruits for world markets. Every year, thousands of tons of Iranian tomato paste are exported to countries such as Russia, Lebanon and other countries. Surin is also Kiwi Exporter in Iran.


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Buy Iranian tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes and greenhouse tomatoes grown on farmland or in greenhouses can be exported. Global tomato trade exceeds 13 billion; and Iranian tomato is one of the most popular vegetables with high nutritional value. Mexico, the Netherlands, Turkey, Morocco and Spain are the world’s largest exporters of tomatoes. European countries such as Germany, France, England, Russia and the United States are largest importers of tomatoes in the world. Italy and China are the largest tomato producing countries in the world. Italy and Turkey have bought a large amount of tomato paste from Iran in 2021. As a tomato exporter in Iran, we are seriously looking to expand Iranian tomato exports. But due to the special conditions of tomato storage, it is better to export it to places with a distance of more than 2 to 3 thousand kilometers, in the form of tomato paste. Iran is one of the largest producers of tomato paste in the world. Also, you can read more about us as Iranian Apple Exporter.

Iranian tomatoes

Export tomatoes are spotless, rotten, transparent and shiny. Also, the stem must be green. Poor hydration has a strong effect on the shelf life of the product. Persian tomatoes are accessible in all seasons. Greenhouse tomatoes, in sizes of 40 to 60 mm, farm tomatoes in sizes of 61 to 80 and also cluster tomatoes in sizes of higher than 100 mm are available for export in plastic baskets and two-row cartons. Tomatoes are available in different sizes and export cartons. Red iranian tomatoes are suitable for export, and because of thin skin, more care must be taken in its packaging and export. Tomatoes are stored at standard temperature. To export tomatoes to different countries, the tomatoes must be picked before they are completely red. Depending on types of summer or winter and the working season and the time required to send tomatoes to the destination, tomatoes are usually picked and exported with a color grade between 6 and 8.

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Export of Iranian tomato paste

Iranian tomato produce in 4 seasons in Iran. different types of tomatoes are mainly available in spring, autumn, winter and summer. Cities such as Jiroft, Kahnooj, Kazerun, Bandar Abbas, Minab, Dezful and Deir in Bushehr province are among the most important exporters of tomatoes and are producers of Iranian tomatoes in the spring. Also, in autumn, Persian tomatoes are harvested in Dezful. For this reason, the export of tomato paste is very popular in Iran. Basically, lower grade tomatoes are used for tomato paste. Surin Tejarat Consortium acts as an exporter of Iranian paste and tomatoes. Due to the climacteric of Iranian tomatoes, before the full growth and development of Iranian tomatoes, it is harvested to withstand the conditions of transportation and storage. For export, it is better to arrange the tomatoes in two colors so that they are fully processed during transportation. SURIN EXPORT is also one of the premier as Dates Wholesaler in Iran.

Tomato production in Iran

Among the producer cities of summer tomatoes, we can mention Varamin, Tarom, Mashhad, Shiraz, Marand, Miandoab and Qazvin. Also, Gorgan and Qasr Shirin, Pol-e Dokhtro, Azna in the provinces of Kermanshah and Lorestan are among the producers of Iranian summer tomatoes. Isfahan and Shahroud are also on this list. Also, the cities of Bushehr, Minab and Bandar Abbas, Lar and Lamerd in Fars and Bushehr provinces are producers of winter tomatoes in Iran. As a tomato supplier in Iran, we are committed to providing the highest quality tomatoes and tomato paste in Iran.

The price of tomatoes in Iran

To inquire about the price of tomatoes in Iran, you can contact the export experts of Iran Export 24. Due to cheap production, Iran always has foods and fruits products with more reasonable prices than other countries in the world.

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