Stages of Fruit export from Iran to Dubai and Iraq – Arab countries

Stage of Fruit Import From Iran to UAE and Iraq

One of the most popular businesses in Iran is fruit exports. We all know that Iran has favorable conditions for growing all kinds of fruits in its soil due to the excellent weather conditions in all seasons. This is a very good advantage for us in Iran. Surin Export Group is one of the premier Companies which are sutaible for Fruit Import from Iran.

Fruit export from iran to uae iraq

The excellent quality of Iranian fruits is not hidden from anyone and has its own fans everywhere. The good profit from fruit exports has caused many traders to invest in this field. Of course, these investments are very correct and the desired result has been achieved. Apples, pomegranates, kiwis, sweet lemons, sour lemons, oranges, apricots, cherries, sour cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, grapes, persimmons, pears, quince, etc. are the top fruits of Iran’s fruit exports to European and other countries. Are European. Also read our article about Pure saffron vs fake saffron.


Stages of fruit export from Iran To UAE, Iraq Etc. The process of fruit export is very sensitive and systematic. People working in this field should be aware of fruit export laws. The most important fruit export laws are as follow:

– Knowledge of markets where you can easily send your desired product

– Full knowledge of the company to which you deliver the exported products

– Paying the relevant tariffs for fruit exports

– Refer to one of the clearance companies

– Concluding the necessary contracts

– Observing the necessary standards for packaging and storage of exportable products

– Obtaining approval from the Ministry of Health

– Obtaining a customs clearance permit

– Avoid prolonging the sending time

– Coordination with the logistics unit

– Doing market research

– Calculate fruit export costs

– Choose one of the most effective ways to transfer and move fruit

Iran UAE fruit Buinsess

Export of fruit to Dubai

Dubai is a hot and humid country and its only popular product is dates. For this reason, one of the most important Iranian exports to Dubai is fruit. The UAE is a rich country, but it does not have good fertile lands for growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and for this reason, it has to meet its needs through imports. Therefore, Iran is one of the best countries for exporting fruit to Dubai. Turkey is only competitor of Iran in fruit exports to Dubai, which unfortunately has been able to surpass Iran in these exports. For example, fruit exports to Dubai through Iran in 1394 was about 4 billion and 922 million dollars, and in recent years for various reasons, this amount has decreased, which has been compensated through Turkey. Here you can read article about Winter Fruits in Iran.

Most of the fruit exports to Dubai and the UAE were made by Iranian cargo ships, which is still going on. In recent years, with the growth of the population in the UAE, especially Dubai, the demand for quality food and vegetables has increased and different countries are competing in this market to offer their best products. With the growth of tourism and economy in Dubai, the demand for fruits and vegetables has been increasing and, in this way, Iranian companies have been active.

Exporting fruit to Dubai is usually fraught with transportation problems. Because the best ways to transport fruit to Dubai are waterways. But all the orchards are located in the west of Iran and must first be moved to the south of Iran. For this reason, there are many brokers inside Iran. The next problem in fruit exports to Dubai is the issue of hot weather in southern Iran, which limits the export of any type of fruit. Warm weather can damage many fruits. Now imagine that the fruits have reached the south healthy and with certain restrictions, it is very difficult to find ships that have large refrigerators for transporting fruit. These are the reasons why the price of fruit in Dubai is very high. However, with years of experience, Surin Export reduces potential problems for fruit exports.

iraq iran fruit business stages

What kind of Fruits UAE  import from Iran?

Iranian Apple – UAE imports – Explore us as Iranian Apple producer.

Iranian KIWI – UAE imports – Its good to know more about us as Kiwi Exporter in Iran.

Iranian Dates are Famous in all of world. We are dates wholesaler in Iran.

 peach and Nectarine are also our main priducts. Nectrine Exporter in Iran.

Saffron, Orange, vegetables Etc.

Export of fruits to Iraq

Iraq is Iran’s western neighbor. Unfortunately, this country does not have fertile lands for planting and cultivating all kinds of agricultural products. For this reason, it always supplies all its necessities through imports. Furthermore, as you know, fruit growing is also one of the agricultural activities, and Iraq is deprived of its most important element, which is fertile land for agriculture. Therefore, importing fruit for this country is very necessary to meet its needs.

The short borders between Iran and Iraq provide one of the best conditions for trade. Iraq is a good market for Iranian fruit exports because it is a war-torn country. Short borders greatly reduce the cost of transportation and freight. Products such as tomatoes, cantaloupe, melons, watermelons, potatoes, onions, citrus fruits, grapes, figs are the most important Iranian exports to Iraq.

Given the above, you must be guessing that exports to Iraq for one of the following reasons is one of the most economical types of exports for us in Iran.

The shorter route, the greater value of the currency than Iran, the urgent need for Iraq to import under any circumstances, and the very low expectations of this country for very stylish and showcase packaging. One of the shortest borders between Iran and Iraq is the 20 to 30 kilometer border between Abadan and Basra; Which is very convenient and attractive for businessmen. In short, fruit exports to Iraq are so important to Iran that it must strive to import all its necessities from Iran. Because this country is an important economic pole for Iranian businessmen.

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