What is Iranian saffron, and What are its Benefits? 

What is Saffron?

Iran’s saffron is world famous, and it’s no wonder it has many fans and followers worldwide! Saffron emphasizes aroma and flavor, and its fiery red color is lovely!  Use of saffron in Iran: Red gold, Zafaran (Safran) is always used in Persian cuisine and cooking and plays a leading role in delicious Persian and sweet recipes. Surin Export is one of the  Saffron Exporter in Iran.

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Benefits of Iran Saffron

Importance of Saffron

This expensive filament is an Iranian rug. Persian rugs were used to dye wool yarn. From the Achaemenid dynasty to today, saffron has been a delicate spice. People are said to have greeted the king by throwing saffron flowers. Cultivation and cultivation of Iranian saffron:

Growing saffron takes a lot of effort and time, and only those who like to work on saffron farms can do the job. To harvest an ounce of red saffron, you need to grow 7,000 purple saffrons. The stigma flowers are picked by hand, and the stigma is carefully removed. Beans and grains need to be planted for 7-10 years to replenish saffron and restore sufficient nutrients to the soil. The most expensive spice in the world! It comes from a beautiful purple flower called Crocus sativas. Farmers get the stigma and stem (thread) of this flower, dry it, and it is widely used in cooking, dyeing, and medicine! No wonder saffron is called red gold! The color and scent last more adorable than natural products! Today, Iran accounts for about 90% of the world’s production of Zafaran.

Those planning to take an Iranian saffron tour and visit the Iranian saffron farm will be involved in picking saffron flowers, stripping the stigma from the flowers, and making delicious Iranian food with saffron spices.

Benefits of Iran’s saffron 

As mentioned above, this costly spice has many advantages. Much research has been done to prove the efficacy of saffron. Let’s take a closer look. Iran’s saffron is considered to be the most expensive in the world. Most of the saffron on the market is grown in Iran. There are four main types of Iranian saffron, which we will discuss later. But first, let’s mention some of the benefits of Iran’s saffron.

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Iran saffron Importance and benefits


Fighting cancer

Crocin contained in saffron is the main reason for the color of saffron. In addition, the cousin properties of saffron are known to induce apoptosis, which is known to fight a variety of cancer cells such as colon adenocarcinoma, ovarian cancer, leukemia, and sarcoma.

Helps with memory loss

Recent studies on crocin suggest that crocin reduces age-related mental illness. Especially in Japan, saffron extract is used to treat Parkinson’s disease and memory loss.

May improve mood and depression

Autumn crocus is also known as sun spice because it can make you feel good and brighten your day. Many studies have shown that saffron is more effective than a placebo in treating moderate depression.

It helps you lose weight

Unnecessary snacks are the main reason people tend to gain weight unintentionally. Studies show that saffron helps you lose weight by reducing your appetite and stopping your thirst.

It May help with PMS symptoms

PMS is a term used to describe the emotional, psychological, and physical symptoms of menstruation. Studies show that consuming 30 mg of saffron tea daily is more effective than a placebo in treating PMS symptoms.

Different types of Iranian saffron 

Four main types of Iranian saffron can be found on the market. There are four types of Iranian saffron: Super Negin, Negin, Sagor, and Pusha. Super Negin Saffron is one of the finest varieties of Iranian saffron, and the threads are all red saffron. Negin is another variety of Iranian saffron and is considered the second best quality. Sargol means “flower top” in English and is the top of the saffron flower. Pusha has the lowest quality compared to the above saffron varieties, but it is just as impressive as any other saffron variety you can find on the market. The only difference is that it contains the yellow part of the saffron thread, which is the end of the saffron thread.


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